Day 5 – 50K Down

Time: 53.45
Distance: 10.1k
Track of the Day: Ode to Oi -TJR

50k down, an inflamed hip and a visit to the running shop.

Overall: It was hard.

Ever get that feeling your moving but not going anywhere? Well, that was me today, I was great up to 6.5k and was feeling strong and happy at a steady pace of 5.21 per km but as soon as I hit 7k, It felt I’d been running for days and in fact, I was running a marathon instead of 6 miles.

After 4 solid days of hitting the road, it just feels like I’ve damaged my body, remained at the same weight (mainly because my appetites at an all-time high) and I’ve realised that I’m totally unprepared for what I’ve signed up to.  Turns out, I’ve been wearing the wrong trainers which have no cushioning and are best suited to track running (typical amateur move) and because of my lack of knowledge, they’ve been unsupportive on the treadmill,  causing inflammation in my right hip. So instead of feeling the fighting fit human I thought 10k a day would turn me into, I’m a limping mess that has already had to call for help..! Luckily my awe-inspiring mother is a physio and only a phone call away! After lots of prodding, examination of my gait and a million questions, it turns out it’s more serious than I thought (trochanteric bursitis), which is cured by lots of rest & anti-inflammatories … not great news for my resolution nor something I expected to face on the 5th day of my challenge.

As that goes against the sole purpose of my NYE promise, I ‘ve have taken my mothers advice to cure through ibuprofen but as I won’t be resting tomorrow, I instead decided to make a visit to my local running shop to kit myself out with some more appropriate trainers with adequate cushioning. The guys at the shop were brilliant and offered a gait analysis to identify my biomechanical abnormalities (who knew running was so technical) to make sure I don’t make the same mistake. New to me, there are different kinds of runners based on where your foot touches the ground first and it turns out I’m runner neutral, meaning I land in the middle of my foot and are best suited to neutral style shoes, which I’ve been told will assist in the healing process of my poorly hip.  So £85 down, a new pair of Addidas Boosts in hand, a lesson on technical jargon and a handful of Ibuprofen later, I can only hope that tomorrow has more luck in stall for me. Either way, day 5 down, 50K completed and my New Years resolution still in play. Albeit I’m not feeling on top of the world yet, I’m hoping by the end of this week, I start to reap some small benefit.. even if it is just feeling a little stronger!


If anyone else has any advice, tips on great stretches or even your favourite running shoes – I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!




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