Day 7 – 70k Down, 3580km to go

Time: 53.58 (5mins 24 seconds per km)
Distance: 10k
Calories burnt: 763
Track of the Day: Galantis – Runaway

I’ve completed my first week! oh wow, I’m so happy – it’s amazing what achieving a goal can make you feel. Even though I have a very long road ahead of me, I am taking every week as it comes and the first week is a massive milestone for me. I’m hoping it gets easier from here… (most likely not but as 2018 is all about positivity, let’s live in hope that it does)

So in week 1, I’ve learnt a very important lesson – one I hope stays with me over the next 358 days and I don’t get blind sighted by this new positive me, but it really is all about the mind & your willpower and it’s only now why I understand my mother used to continually say ‘you can do anything if you put your mind to it’. The mind is so much more powerful than the body and by having the 10k goal post, I’ve found it a lot easier to keep on trotting. I could be delirious or it’s the ibuprofen talking but the run was easier today, and I managed to find my rhythm in the first 3 minutes (I always find them the hardest) and got through to 8.2km without needing to walk. If you read about day 5, or follow me on Instagram, you’ll most likely know by now that I’ve got trochanteric bursitis in my right hip which kicked in at 8km so had to walk for a couple of minutes to flesh out the pain, which was a real shame as I was hoping to achieve a PB today as I felt a lot stronger than day 5 & 6. Hey ho, there’s another 358 days to achieve that!

On a weight loss note – I finally feel like I’ve lost a little of the Christmas podge  and will be getting on the scales from tomorrow to track my progress over the next year. My starting weight was 67.7kg so we’ll see what the first 70k has done to my body. My energy levels are at an all-time high and I feel really happy – those exercise endorphins are a thing!!! As an added bonus, my skins also clearing up due to the copious amounts of water I’m drinking throughout, so all in all, I end week one on a very positive note hoping I’ve started as I mean to go on.

As it’s 11:09pm & I have a work doo tomorrow evening, I better get some shut eye as I plan to be up at the crack of dawn for day 8!

FP - day 7
















-FP x

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